Therapy focuses on using CBT methods, coupled with creating mini-attainable weekly goals. Once individuals experience success via these mini-goals, they are more susceptible to working on intermediate and larger issues.

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play therapy session

therapy sessions

play therapy

Special Care for Kids, under the care of Ira Grotsky, focuses on the individual as a whole. Whether working with a six-year-old or a 21-year-old, the therapy session will focus on the individual’s needs.

An initial meeting is held with the parents to get a history and formulate initial goals; After receiving input from teachers, psychiatrists etc… emphasis is placed on the issues they feel need to be addressed, and are incorporated into the weekly sessions.
Ongoing assessment of the child’s needs and goals are also conducted during our individual sessions, helping to create a picture of the individuals whole environment. Long term and short term attainable goals are then generated and worked on, on a regular basis, using CBT methodology.

When working with grade-school students, informal observations are recommended to observe the student in his/her natural school environment, initiate a liaison with the teacher and create a picture of his/her educational and social environment during the school day.

For younger clients, sessions incorporating play therapy are conducted in the office (special arrangements can be made for therapy in the home, allowing sessions to flow more easily in the child’s natural environment). Play therapy uses games, toys, activities (sports, cooking, woodworking, Play Doh, arts and crafts, etc.) as a modality to assist the individual to open up and discuss their issues.

For teenagers a combination of discussions in the office, hikes and outings are used to encourage feeling comfortable when communicating their issues.

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